Kick start their pilot career with us at a young age where we will make them a pilot and open up their path for them to fulfill their dreams. They will be trained in ground school studies and conduct their flying skills in a Cessna 172 flight simulator. The syllabus trained will be very similar to the pilot syllabus and specially combined with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Students are able to take away what they learned here and apply it to their studies in school. Start your training now and achieve that dream!


In Aeroviation, we believe that it's never too young to start exploring the world of aviation. In this program, the child will be first exposed to the general aviation where they will learn about geography, history of flights and so much more to spark their interest in flying and at the same time, boost thier self-confidence to be a lifelong and self-directed learner.


Start your pilot training journey and take the first steps to bring yourself closer to your dreams. Study and learn the pilot syllabus for ground school and also fly in our Garmin 1000 Cessna 172 flight simulator. The programme is designed to help you better understand the practicability of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in the aviation industry. In this programme, you will not only learn about how to fly but also the different aspects of the aviation industry like engineering, ground crew, air traffic controller and more! So, put on your pilot hats and takeoff with us towards your flying dreams. 



We believe that it is never too early to start learning and sparking an interest in the aviation of a child. We emphasize on practicing critical thinking to becoming a self-directed learner who questions, reflects and perseveres in pursuit of becoming a self-directed learner and future-ready who strives for excellence.


Take command of their dreams and nurture them by giving them the opportunity to explore the diverse world of aviation while working on their developmental milestones through multi-tasking during simulator flying and boost their confidence and social skill through teamwork. 


The developmental window (rapidity of brain development during early childhood). The brain develops through a dynamic interaction between underlying biological processes and exposures and experiences in the environment. This process begins at conception and continues throughout life. During a child’s early years, the brain develops in rapid and fundamental ways, and connections among neurons are reinforced. Because of this, early childhood is a window of both great risk of vulnerability to disruption and great potential for the impact of positive developmental influences.


Children are already learning at birth, and they develop and learn at a rapid pace in their early years. This provides a critical foundation for lifelong progress, and the adults who provide for the care and education of children from birth through age 8 bear a great responsibility for their health, development, and learning.

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