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Girls in Aviation Day 2023

Aeroviation Challenge

The challenge is to envision and create a model airport that reflects the future of Singapore's aviation industry and Changi Airport. This model should incorporate cutting-edge technologies and emphasize sustainability through the integration of green technology and more. Key elements to consider include the incorporation of flying cars, drones, and air taxis as integral parts of the airport's operations in the future.

The model should showcase how these innovations seamlessly blend with traditional aviation infrastructure, creating a harmonious and efficient transportation hub for the future. Ultimately, the challenge aims to showcase Singapore's commitment to pioneering the next generation of aviation while prioritizing eco-friendly practices and urban mobility solutions.

Aeroviation Challenge Prize

Stand a chance to win a 60-minute flight experience on a Bristell 23 aircraft! Experience being in the pilot seat of a light sport aircraft and feel the full effects of the actual aircraft. You will be able to fly around Singapore and explore this beautiful island from up in the air. 

So what are you waiting for? Join the Aeroviation Challenge and stand a chance to win an actual flight experience! Sign Up below and receive the details of the challenge!

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In partnership with Aviation Hub

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