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Experience the excitement of learning aviation with our fun filled and engaging customisable team building activities! Suitable for schools and corporate groups who just want to have a time off to have fun and learn something out of the typical school/corporate event options.


Our latest flight simulator from Belgium provides a spectacular 240 degrees horizontal and 40 degrees vertical HD visual or an immersive and an effective training environment for student and certificated pilots. The aircraft shell originates from an actual physical Diamond 20 aircraft equipped with a controlled force load system on 3 axis.


Capable of practicing scenario-based flight training events, simulated equipment failure and emergency procedures, pilot evaluations, instrument procedures/experience, and facilitating increased pilot proficiency overall.


Our Cessna 172 Skyhawk is fully equipped with a Garmin 1000 Glass Cockpit system accompanied by a 180 HD degree HD visual system for an immersive view directly from your cockpit. The TRC472FG provides realistic and true-to-scale cockpit design. This platform also provides an effective training environment for student and certificated pilots. 


This also includes the capability of practicing scenario-based flight training events, simulated equipment failure and emergency procedures, pilot evaluations, instrument procedures/ experience, and facilitating increased pilot proficiency overall. 


What's learning without some fun? Test your memory and put your geographical knowledge to full blast! You will be tasked to match the country flags to its country names, capital, and even the main airport! The younger ones will be doing it in a form of memory game. The older ones will try their best to find clues and hints given to them and make it through!


Students will also learn and how to identify different types of aircrafts such as its wingtip, shape of the nose, the size, and so on through hands-on and flashcards!


We integrate the use or Virtual Reality to allow our students to further understand complex topics that need visual clues. With this VR, students are able to immerse themselves in detailed 3-D scenery for more than 3,000 airports around the world which includes terminal buildings, hangars, jetways, & more which makes the airports feel alive.


Explore various jet cockpits and learn the details of the airframe by simply doing a virtual walkabout of the aircraft. With the use of basic flight controls, students are also able to witness the effects of the aircraft controls and the effect it has on the aircraft while learning the parts of the aircraft.


Our panoramic 3 screens simulator where our students are to guide aircraft to and from the active runway for landing and takeoff where they must assure that it safe for a plane to enter or cross a runway, assign taxiway routes, when to stop and start a movement, and clear aircraft for taking off.​


Equipped with flight strips, ground, and air radar screens and a full 3D view of each airport. With a complex command structure, advanced AI and Speech Recognition technology, this will allow our students to explore the diverse aviation industry that they might form an interest in other than piloting.


The duration of a typical private event of 20  pax would be 3 hours. This duration would be highly recommended to allow more flight time for each attendee to enjoy the full experience. Our flight training center will be fully dedicated to you when you book an event with us. If you have any special requests, we will be glad to fulfill them to the maximum extent possible. Fret not, our team will be with you during the entire event to provide instruction, answer questions, and to share some of their experiences with everyone. Activities can be designed as half or full-day programs, or as overnight aviation adventures.


We openly invite you to visit us at our training center for a free tour and short introductory experience! 


We will be happy to further discuss your event with you and to plan it according to your requirements.

P​lease contact us with any inquiries or for further details, at info@aeroviation.com or 65 9650 5564.

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