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Creating an Aviation Community for All Ages

Updated: Aug 25, 2023


Aviation is an industry which will intrigue everybody of various ages but it is something magical for the young ones. I was one of those young ones who would look up to the skies at the slightest sound of an aircraft engine and identify the aircraft that is in the sky. The powerful aviation interest is glued into me as I grew older and further my learning about the industry.

Now, looking back at the times I grew up, there wasn't anyone to guide me properly throughout the journey of learning aviation. That was when I realised that youths and kids have the potential to be a professional aviator at a young age if they were guided properly. Kids nowadays are able to absorb knowledge and experience like a sponge especially if they are very interested in it. Therefore, opening a flight school catered to all ages came to my mind and that is where Aeroviation was born.

I believe that everyone who is interested in Aviation should experience the taste of flying despite their ages. They can be as young as 7 years old, all the way to 50 plus years old! We have successfully created an aviation family that consists of the above age group and its amazing how they can interact with each other. It is awesome to see Aeroviation's student grow and develop in the program. Not only did they gain knowledge in aviation but many of them have crafted their own path towards their dream job and learn the importance of studies in schools. For adults, they have achieved their bucket list and dreams by flying their own aircraft in the skies. Now it is time to further their journey to fly commercially.

Aeroviation facility has become a hub where aviators gather and share their knowledge and experience. They can even show what they are talking about by using the simulators to demonstrate a particular topic that they were sharing. We also welcome anyone who are taking their first steps to explore aviation. We can be the guiding hand to guide you to create your own path in aviation.

We look to grow our aviation family and we invite anyone who is interested in aviation to join this amazing family! May we all be able to achieve our dreams and be able to contribute to the growth of Aviation around the world!



Faris Iskandar

Co-Founder, Aeroviation Singapore

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