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5 Interesting facts about Aeroviation

Updated: Aug 25

1. Pioneers of RPC in Singapore

AEROVIATION is the first flight school establishment to introduce & conduct the Recreational Pilot Certificate program. Founded in 2018, Mr Faris, Ms Fadhilah and Captain Saravanan came up with a new and unique curriculum that is suited for everyone of various age group who wants to learn aviation. The sole purpose of this new idea is to ingrain a deep passion for aviation in our young aviators and millennial at a low cost. Aeroviation is the place where you could start your aviation career with ab initio training. We hope to aspire and grow young intellectuals to an accomplished professional by taking command of their dream as we guide through this transformative learning experience. Are you ready to reach your potential?

2. Flight school made affordable

Just like our common quote, "Stop dreaming, Start flying" We want to make them dream possible and affordable. Course fee comes in a package which covers all (flight training in Singapore & Adelaide and accommodation, flight tickets etc) except food at only SGD$14,500. Affordable and reliable training. In Phase 1, cadets will undergo 3 months ground school & simulator training in Singapore (part-time). Cadets will be taught the fundamentals & principles of flight operations, systems and knowledge to achieve the license. In phase 2, cadets will be undergoing their flight training in Adelaide for 3 weeks. This is where the cadets will be flying in an operational light-sport aircraft. Upon completion, graduates will receive their Recreational Pilot Certificate at the shortest time possible.

3. Students starts simulator training from 7 years old

AEROVIATION believes that training starts young. We train our students to train in the flight simulator even at a young age. We nurture and let them explore their ability and reach their potential. We offers 2 different flight simulators for cadets or for the public who simply wants to experience what it feels like to fly in a real cockpit. Our latest flight simulator, the Diamond 20 Katana Analogue Cockpit provides a spectacular 240 degrees horizontal and 40 degrees vertical HD visual which is an immersive and effective training. Our second flight simulator, which is the all-time favourite Cessna 172 Skyhawk Garmin 1000 Glass Cockpit. It is fully equipped with 180 degrees HD visuals for an immersive view directly from the cockpit. This simulator platform also provides effective fundamental training and it is capable of performing scenario-based flight training operations.

4. No airplane? No problem.

Here in Aeroviation, we integrate the use of Virtual Reality to allow cadets to better grasp and understand complex topics which require visual aids. With this function, cadets will be able to engage themselves in 3-D scenery in more than 3,000 airports infrastructure worldwide. Cadets will also be able to explore a wide range of jet cockpits and study details of the airframe through Virtual Reality.

5. Be an all rounder aviator.

Aeroviation also conducts Air Traffic Controller Simulator training. Operated by voice recognition, our panoramic 3 screens simulator allows cadets to guide aircraft to and from active runway whereby they need to ensure it is safe for a plane to move about on the ground. Our systems are equipped with flight strips, ground and air radar screens. With a complex & advanced command AI and speech recognition structure, this allows our cadets to dwell and explore deep into the Air Traffic Controller shoes. This training also helps them to acknowledge and understand better when communicating as a pilot.

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