HELLO! From the AV-iation Family!

"We strive to aspire and grow aviation leaders of the next generation"

Aeroviation is the place where you could start your aviation career with ab initio training. We hope to aspire and grow young intellectuals to an accomplished professional by taking command of their dream as we guide through this transformative learning experience.

Break boundaries and take the first step towards your dream today.

Achieve SOLO below 10 hours at age 15 

Do you know that you can attain your pilot license at 15 years old within 3 weeks? And even aim to complete SOLO below 10 hours just like most of our graduates do! Practice flying in our simulator and complete your ground school in Singapore.

Equip yourself with this basic pilot license before you attend any airline interview and stand out above the rest within $10K!


Greatest thank you to Bell for welcoming us to your great facility!

Our students and parents are really grateful for the opportunity that you have given to us to even explore your aircraft hangar and hop on to your very own Helicopters!


We've learnt a lot from the tour and a peek to Textron too!



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