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Haazeqah has honored us to be our very own first female Singaporean pilot to attain her official pilot license called the Recreational Pilot License at age 17 after ongoing a 3 months ground and flight simulation training in Singapore. 
Greatest congratulations from the AEROVIATION family!
Singapore Youngest Female Pilot
Andy aged 15 from Pei Cai Secondary school attained his pilot license at Secondary 3. He started off as a Young Aviator with AEROVIATION when he was just 13 years old with a goal of becoming a pilot. 
Congratulations, ANDY! 
15 Years Old Singaporean Pilot
Aeroviation recently had our grand graduation for our 2022 batch held at One Farrer Hotel. We had about 200 graduates and about 300 plus guests during the event. We were proud to see our students receiving their certificates, ranks, and also wings! 

We were also grac
ed by our VIP guests from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, pilots from Airline Pilot Association Singapore, and Captain James from Australia! 

Enjoy the highlights!
Aeroviation Graduation 2022
Apart from making dreams happen, we've always loved being part of one's journey in life, that includes this lovely proposal. It all started from a surprise scenic flight and ended up with a "I DO" moment. 
Planning for a proposal? We've got you.
Marriage Proposal at AEROVIATION
Let's listen to what our Junior Aviators (7 - 12 years old) and our Young Aviators (13 - 16 years old) have to say. They will be sharing with you their experience and why they enjoy the program. 

We believe that it is never too early for kids to learn aviation & we look forward to guiding them toward the skies!
Hear what our aviators have to say!

Do you know that you can attain your pilot license at 15 years old within 3 weeks? And even aim to complete SOLO below 10 hours just like most of our graduates do! Practice flying in our simulator and complete your ground school in Singapore.

Equip yourself with this basic pilot license before you attend any airline interview and stand out above the rest within 10K.


Aeroviation is the place where you could start your aviation career with ab initio training. We hope to aspire and grow young intellectuals to an accomplished professional by taking command of their dream as we guide through this transformative learning experience.

We strive to aspire and grow aviation leaders of the next generation. Break boundaries and take the first step towards your dream today. 


Our students and parents are really grateful for the opportunity that you have given to us to even explore your aircraft hangar and hop on to your very own Helicopters!


We've learnt a lot from the tour and a peek in Textron too! Greatest thank you to Bell for welcoming us to your great facility!


Welcome to Aeroviation, a pioneering flight school established in 2018. We are dedicated to exceptional standards and empowering students in the field of aviation. Our comprehensive curriculum, dynamic learning environment, and community of like-minded aviators create a supportive atmosphere for networking and lifelong connections with industry professionals. With a focus on practical experiences, our state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated faculty ensure students receive the best training. Join us at Aeroviation to cultivate a passion for aviation, explore personal growth, and excel in this ever-evolving industry. Together, we'll soar to new heights in aviation education.

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